Our Response To COVID-19

The circumstances surrounding the recent outbreak of COVID-19 have been rapid and ever-changing over the past few weeks. The health and safety of the community is top priority and in light of that, a few changes have been put into place to protect clients, business partners, customers and myself. In these uncertain times we must all do our due diligence in helping ease the spread of the virus. The following changes will be put into place effective immediately:

  • Online orders are still being accepted, however quantities have been adjusted to reflect the current amount of supplies available.
  • All new production has been put on pause until further notice.
  • All travel both essential and non-essential has ceased

Due to a pause on production, there will be a soft launch of the Spring 2020 collection. Date is TBD.

As a small business owner, the fate of operation remains up in the air. It is definitely concerning but I appreciate the outpouring of love and support coming from the online community. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach out to me via email info@shopeden.co. I appreciate you all. Stay healthy and safe.